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EO-87 preorder updates product news shipping delay

Hi everyone,

As you guys could see, we do not currently have anything in stock on our website. Due to COVID-19, Korea Post is barely in operation and most of the packages were returned to us or heavily delayed if they are already on their way. We do not have a good estimate when they will open again. We will put the stock back up as soon as we have more information on that.

Regarding EO-87 Group Buy, we have finished the production! However, there is a problem with MCU on the new PCB design. We expect to spend a month to do some more intensive testing. For now, we hope to get this GB out late May.

For TX-60/65/66 Group Buy, the top were finished but the production for bottoms are delayed due to limited capabilities during this pandemic. The revised shipping date is late June/early July.

We thank everyone for their patience and wish you all to stay safe and healthy!

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  • Nicholas Bollinger on

    Will the extra PCBs be available again as they were not there when I originally purchased my EO-87 and this is my first time soldiering so would like to have a extra PCB in case something gets messed up or I decide to build another??

  • Keefe Tan on


    My order was shipped out on 8 March to Singapore, but I still have not receive it yet. Is it part of the delay?

  • M.S. on

    Will the TX carrying case be restocked after this is all over?

  • Esty on

    Will extra parts for the EO-87 be offered again?

  • Husam on

    Does this new shipping update for the EO-87 apply to the EU versions too (not sure if all kits are made in one place then shipped to

    Super excited for this build, and much appreciate the updates!

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